Norma and I sat and watched the end of a time boring movie on TV, and yawned as he turned and asked, , if I was there tonight, I put my hand s on his thigh and said, "Yes, honey ", which was happy than before we had a little fun at the same time Norma took a ruler to measure exactly n how big my " beast of a thing "was (when she was 8. 2 inches, we have discovered ). It was a total of 13 day Norma and I close and whispered : in the ear, as the credits ran, " will is for me tonight, Norma," " Oh.. Oh.. Ronald now do " I know wifelovers that the n dear sweet wife a little nervous in the difficult n prospect, but I put my arm around her and said " if that is what you would like to do exactly n Relax Norma I gave you a nice long massage with oils, like the sound? When Norma was wifelovers in the bed I told him the pampering and kneading deserves a full hour. Soon very sleepy woman with a lot of ground on his knees, and yet, over again screamed in protest and joy, as assok my big penis.
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